Welcome the Challenges | Single Girl Life Lessons

How I Learned to Accept Life’s Challenges as Steps to Something Better

By: Rachel Priest

yoga challenges

Have faith and know that even if you are in the midst of a difficult life struggle the hardship will pass and may bring great good if allowed.

Why is it when anything seemingly bad happens in life people tend to cower in fear, anxiety, and depression and ask the age old question of “Why Me? Why did this happen to me?”

Even though it is cliché, a lot of good can come from a “bad” situation or event. So much so that it can make you question, is there really bad and good? Before we go too far down the rabbit hole of philosophy, I want to share my story with you about how a seemingly “bad” event has forever changed me, brought me to my yoga practice, and spurred my new life.

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Boozy Brunch at its Best

Your Guide to Planning a Single Girls’ Boozy Brunch

boozy brunch

Growing up my favorite part about Easter was hands down the all you can eat brunch buffet that was sure to follow the Sunday service.  It was tradition in our family to make our way to a celebratory feast that would break whatever Lenten fast we’d undertaken. It was the greatest meal we’d eat since Christmas and I always anxiously looked forward to it.

Fast forward to 2014 and brunch has been cemented as one of my favorite meals. Our Easter tradition has impressed upon me the notion that brunch is a time to celebrate and indulge in good company and good food. No longer is it reserved for a once a year soiree but instead has taken hold as the fête of choice no matter the celebration.

While the basics of brunch have remained tried and true (eggs, bacon, pancakes, …) there is of course one big difference between the mid-day meals of my youth and my twenties - the booze. If you ask me, no brunch is complete without a steady flow of sparkling cocktails and fruity concoctions.

With one week between us and Easter it’s time to get your own brunch affairs in order. Going out is great but we propose using the occasion as the perfect excuse to host a Single Girls’ boozy brunch of your own. Wondering what it takes to make it memorable? Look no further, we’ve got the tips you need to keep the drinks flowing and the guests happy.

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6 Sites that Will Score You Some Serious Cash

Turn to these Websites for Great Ways to Earn Extra Income

make money

Every now and then we all find ourselves thinking that we could use a little extra padding in our wallets. It could be that you’re scrapping up dollars to make it to all of the bachelorette and wedding festivities your friends have added to your calendar. Maybe you’re saving up to buy that first house. Or perhaps, you’re simply looking to increase the number in your savings account.  If you’re like me you’re just trying to add any income you can because you’ve quit your job and gone the route of rouge entrepreneur (but that’s another story).

Luckily, there are a lot of sources for Single Girls in our situations. Many websites have made it easier than ever to find freelance work and easy side jobs that can help you rake in a significant amount of cash. Next time you find yourself wishing you had a few extra Benjamins, try checking out one of these 6 sites to score yourself some serious cash.

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Beauty Spotlight | Skincare on a Budget

Sarah Walsh shares five drugstore products that work wonders for the girl on a budget

Perfect skin. Everyone wants it. Celebrities seem to have it nailed, but let’s be real: single girls like us don’t necessarily have the money to blow at a dermatologist’s office every month, or even on high-end skincare lines! As a pre-teen and teenager, I battled acne while having super dry and sensitive skin. I’ve burned through it all: Proactiv, antibiotics, birth control pills, fancy moisturizers, and almost every drugstore brand. After a lot of TLC, trial and error, multiple prescriptions (sorry, Mom!), and doctor’s visits, here are a few of my favorite budget-friendly and easy-to-find products to get you on your way to flawless, glowing skin!


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Thoughtful Single Girl | How to Be a Gracious Houseguest

Catherine spills the secrets on how to be everyone’s favorite houseguest

I daydream about the day I can stay at four-star hotels, sharing a king bed with only one other person. At this point in our lives, the majority of us packs Vegas hotel rooms to the brim and crashes on our friends’ couches when we visit new cities. We all know how tiring it can be to live in a popular city and entertain out-of-town visitors. Regardless, it can be easy to forget our manners when the tables are turned. Here are some easy ways to be a gracious houseguest and guarantee an invitation to return.

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Spring Awakening | Morning Yoga

Yoga Teacher Megan D’Amico presents six yoga poses to awaken your body, begin your day, and welcome spring

Change your morning routine, and you will change your life. Just because you’re not like your “gym-rat” co-worker who is on mile five while you’re pressing snooze for the third time doesn’t mean you should give up an active morning routine altogether. Even adding something as simple as three minutes of conscious breathing can make a world of difference.

When we sleep, our muscles are in rest and recovery mode. They go cold because they are not being used, which explains why most of us wake up stiff and sore. Getting up like this and continuing on your day would be like microwaving a frozen Hot Pocket for 30 seconds… all kinds of wrong.

Instead, we should be actively waking up our bodies by doing postures that stretch and activate the muscles, circulate our blood and pump oxygen to our brains. By accelerating the natural wake-up process, you kick those morning blues to the curb and allow yourself to function at full capacity at the very start of your day.

When you first awaken, resist the urge to hit the snooze button. This simple decision sets the tone for the rest of your day. Take 3 huge inhales through the nose, exhaling through the mouth. Reach your hands above your head and stretch as far as you can, pulling your lower body and upper body away from each other, and begin your morning routine.

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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Present

Style The Aisle Helps Us Pick Out the Perfect Wedding Present

wedding present guide

Spring marks the start of wedding season, and in between all the excitement, fun events and invitations, you start to wonder how to give the perfect wedding gift.  There are so many options and buying a gift for a co-worker is going to feel completely different from buying a gift for your best friend since age 5.  While there is no right way to give a gift, there are definitely some tips that can help make wedding gift giving a bit easier.

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Your Guide to Girl Friend Dating

Follow Our Action Plan for Making New Girl Friends

girl friend dating

Let’s face it, making new girl friends after college can be tough. In college we have classes, sororities, dorm rooms, and clubs that throw us together with thousands of other young women. It’s nearly impossible to not find at least a handful that you connect with. Enter the post-grad world and things aren’t so easy. Sure you may meet a few girls through work but beyond that, chance interactions don’t come around quite so often. Furthermore, when you do find a girl that you think you could be friends with it can feel awkward to kick off the relationship. How do you strike up a conversation, where do you take it from there, what does it take to take it to the next level? It’s starting to sound a lot like real dating isn’t it?

If we take a second look, the process of making new girl friends is not that different from that of finding a potential soul mate. You have to find them, break into their world, get to know each other, and ultimately lock in a mutual love and respect for one another. You are in fact, girl friend dating. To help you navigate the process we’ve put together a handy guide to help you go from meeting acquaintances to securing new BFFs. Read on for our guide to girl friend dating and then let us know what additional advice you have for other Single Girls looking to expand their inner circle!

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Five Superbly Single Artists to Watch at Coachella

Colleen Viana downloads us on five acts you need to see at Coachella 2014

coachella 2014

PHOTO: Colleen Viana.

Coachella’s in the air. I can feel it, I can smell it. (Yes, there’s a distinct scent that I can’t quite describe, but it’s similar to how you can smell the sugar-coated air in Disneyland). Even if we are over 2,000 miles away from Indio, everyone’s caught festival fever, myself included. The overall atmosphere is shifting here in Manhattan; with the weather slowly reaching the perfect spring (ideally April 25th) temperature and the sun shining brighter than usual, everyone is noticeably happier. It’s that preeminent shift from winter to spring that sends me and so many other New Yorkers into a constant daydream of being outside—frolicking the festival grounds, being surrounded by our best friends and favorite bands. There is nothing more exciting to wait for (other than Christmas).

In high anticipation of those first weeks of April to finally hit, I’ve been prepping myself for the past month on the festival’s entire line-up. Coachella is a great opportunity to discover musical artists you would never think to see otherwise and, of course, a chance to see your current obsessions perform in front of the perfect desert backdrop. Narrowing down your top picks for the weekend is a grueling process; after perusing my overly-extensive Coachella playlist, the process has become even more stressful than necessary—especially knowing that I most likely will not make it to half of the acts I’d love to see.

So this year I’m trying something different… Here are five of my favorite up-and-coming-non-top-40 artists (hey, I work in radio, I hear enough of that) that I simply cannot miss, with a fun Single Diaries spin. The result is my shortlist of Superbly Single female artists whom you MUST see at Coachella… no question about it (unless they’re scheduled at the same time, in which case we’ll just have to flip a coin).

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Spotlight on Karina Capulong’s “Inspire Girls To”

The Single Diaries celebrates Women’s History Month with Karina Capulong and chats about visionary women, empowering girls, and a new definition of a female leader

Karina Capulong

PHOTO: Vinnie Verite of Alum Rock Studio.


The idea behind Inspire Girls To is that if a girl saw reflections of herself in women leaders, pioneers, and change-makers, perhaps she would find the confidence within herself and think, “If they could do it, I can too.”

Welcome back to Single Girl Brunches with the Best—a series of conversations with friends and leading ladies who are fierce, fearless and inspirational.

Karina Capulong and I met in ballet school as adolescents. Our families became friends over the years, and I got to know Karina even better when we went to the same high school. We participated in the same performing arts activities, and something I always admired about Karina was her ability to lead by example. She was never bossy and yet she possessed the qualities of a good leader. She radiated a calming and encouraging energy that put those around her at ease. I came across her project through a couple mutual friends who were involved. Inspire Girls To (or iG2) empowers girls by educating them about influential women who have paved the way for more girls and women to lead and succeed in their own special ways. As we close out Women’s History Month, I thought it perfect timing to reflect on how we can learn from the example of great women in history and continue to propel that inspiration into the rest of the year.

Karina holds a BS in Community & Regional Development with a minor in Sociology from UC Davis and a Masters in Public Administration with honors from San Francisco State University and currently works at Genentech. In her own words, “my vision for Inspire Girls To is to create a community of girls who believe in themselves, support one another, and want to lead and do good in the world. Essentially, by empowering girls now, I see a world where more women are confident, compassionate, and leading the pack.”

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